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Now Available for Online, Email, Telephone or Instant Messaging Counselling


As an integrative counsellor I believe that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations. Rather, each client needs to be considered as a whole and counselling techniques must be tailored to the individual needs and personal circumstances with paramountcy on forming a sound therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor.

I recognise that it can be difficult to take that first step in asking for help therefore I have provided some information about my professional background which may help you in your decision-making.​


How I Can Help You

  • A formal arrangement provides a regular opportunity to discuss clinica...

    1 hr 30 min

    60 British pounds
  • Online counselling via Zoom, a secure online platform.

    50 min

    40 British pounds
  • Telephone Counselling via Zoom, mobile or household phone.

    50 min

    40 British pounds
  • Text Based/Instant Messaging Counselling via Zoom (Secure Chat Featur...

    50 min

    40 British pounds
  • Email Counselling via your own personal secure email address

    50 min

    40 British pounds
  • Accredited & Non-Accredited Training Courses

    Prices Vary
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